Monday, December 15, 2008


A simple reminder for my budget-minded friends that toast is not just a little burnt crust on the side of a plate. Toast is a meal.

French toast! We like challah French toast best, but in a pinch, white or wheat sandwich bread does just fine.
Cinnamon toast!
Camel Eye or Bird's nest or Bullet Toast. (I always liked the term "camel eye" best.) This is where you butter your frying pan, bite a small hole in the middle of your bread. Stick bread in pan. Crack egg in bread hole. Flip the whole thing over easy. Salt and serve.
Rarebit: This is basically cheddar cheese, doctored up and melted, over toast. Follow the link for a recipe.
A friend of mine likes to put baked beans on toast.
And let's not forget cheese toast!
Pizza toast!
Mushroom toast!
Feta and garlic toast!


H.B.-Brooklyn/Sopot said...

I love cinnamon toast because it reminds me of my grandmother, who for some inexplicable reason always called it Ronnie Rooster Toast. I'm sure it must've been some name one of my uncles coined back in the day...but it always made cinnamon toast seem way exotic.
All hail toast. I love toast! Toast with butter! Toast with peanut butter! Toast.
xoxo, HB

mad said...

I did a quick scan and couldn't find Ronnie Rooster Toast on the net, so you should trademark that baby in honor of your grandma!! I DID just learn, on same search, that the Cornflake rooster has a name: Cornelius!

Kerry Nolan said...

oh toast. Cinnamon toast was also one of my favorites growing up. Challah french toast is also so, so delicious. Unfortunately, my gluten free prison does not allow me that luxury anymore. Right now, I'm actually baking some bread from some gluten free bread mix my mom got me. Hopefully it'll be good, and I can have my cinnamon toast yet again. Some packaged gf breads that I've had ONLY taste good when toasted and slathered in peanut butter.

Kerry Nolan said...

Mad, you may want to check out this list:

mad said...

That's a good list. Except for the whole kale part. Chard? Yes. Kale? Nope.

Unknown said...

we called the camel eye toast Toad In The Hole. Lord knows why.

Unknown said...
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Andidlp said...

To HB: I just did a google search for Ronnie Rooster Toast and found your blog entry. When I was a little girl, I had a children's cookbook and Ronnie Rooster Toast was one of the recipes. My brother and I still love Ronnie Rooster toast. I am 60 years old and he is 57. I thought you would like to know about the cookbook

jedowden said...

My gandma called it ronnie rooster bread as well. Maybe it is a local term. We live in Indiana. What part of the country is your grandma from?