Friday, December 18, 2009

Make-it Night

My favorite night of Hanukkah at our house is the self-instituted make-it night, where the gifts we give are the gifts we make. I LOVE crafts. I'm just not that good at making them, being too impatient for some of the finer details. Fortunately, I've never let that stop me.

Here are the things I made the kids this year:

Hopefully you can recognize these guys without a label. My kids, at least, knew who they were!!

This is a skirt made from fabric created by the amazing Heather Ross. I used this free Lazy Days Skirt Pattern, which allows even people like me to look as if they know what they're doing.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hand Sanitizer: Everybody's Doing It

This week my daughter asked for the newest fashion trend at her elementary school. I almost WISH she'd asked for a pair of Nikes or Hello Kitty Headband or something like that. But nope, she wants HAND-SANITIZER. The kind you can hang from your backpack. "But MOM." she said. "Almost all of the girls have their own hand-sanitizer." And just like that, my holiday gift problems are solved. Thanks H1N1!