Monday, December 1, 2008


Because I was (and still sometimes am) a music writer, I feel compelled to provide a playlist inspired by Cece's Bee-Wigged tour.
If you're a kid, this one's a no brainer: Go listen to Laurie Berkner's "Bumblebee"
And if you're not a kid and you're seeking something with more of an edge,* might I suggest:
Husker Du's "Flip Your Wig" From the year I graduated high school. Bob Mould. Lovely, angry guitar playing. It's a great album and if you missed it 23 years ago (ouch) here's your second chance.
The B-52's Bouncing off the Satellites album includes a track called "Wig." Much bouncier (duh) and friendlier than Husker Du. This one's kid friendly, too!
Southern Culture on the Skids: SCOTS is one of the wiggiest (and hardest working) bands out there, and their 1994 album Ditch Diggin' features a playful guitar track called "Wig-Out." Plus, Southern Culture is largely from Roanoke, Va., which is just a few miles up the road from Cece Bell. Kismet!
The Soft Boys: Can of Bees. Early Soft Boys, but here there's nothing soft about 'em (though "Sandra's Having Her Brain Out" is quite melodic). No wig songs. No bee songs. But lots of weirdness and a promise of the good things to come.

*Please note, I am a strong advocate for letting kids listen to edgy stuff, too! I just haven't done my usual swear scan on any of these lyrics. I will say that SCOTS is in heavy rotation on our kid playlist, and The B-52s could be, if everything we owned weren't on vinyl.

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